Double Quilt And Doona Covers

Manchester Warehouse's Double Quilt Cover Set range offers a wide variety of beautiful designs catered to contemporary, traditional, elegant, trendy, grand, and other styles of bedroom decor.

What is the standard size for a double quilt cover?

A double quilt cover will typically have a standard size of 180cm by 210cm. This may differ depending on the brand and style of the cover, and choosing this size is generally based on your mattress size as well as your sleeping preferences.

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Double size quilt and doona covers.

Should I buy a queen size quilt for a double bed?

It is recommended for all double beds to use a queen size quilt, especially if there are two people sleeping in the bed. You are able to comfortably use a quilt and doona covers in double size for a double bed if you are sleeping in it alone. Opting for the larger size, however, will grant both of you more room and comfort, ensuring you are both covered for warmth. Not only that, but the larger size can also make the bed appear more luxurious as it overhangs more to protect the mattress. The length of this queen quilt will remain the same, but it is the extra width that makes it more convenient when applied to a double bed.

What are other quilt sizes available at Manchester Warehouse?

In addition to our double bed quilt covers, we also offer all other essential quilt sizes at Manchester Warehouse. This includes single, king single, queen, king, and super king - the essential sizing range for Australia. Within these varieties are plenty of unique brands and designs to make your decision easier when styling and sleeping.