King Single Quilt And Doona Covers

Adorn your King Single bed with our diverse range of King Single Quilt Cover & King Single Doona Covers for comfort and sophisticated style.

What is the standard size for a king single quilt cover?

A king single quilt cover will normally have a size of 165cm x 210cm. Depending on your mattress thickness and sleeping preferences, you may require a different size. However, this standard size is fitted to a regular king single bed.

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King single quilt cover and doona covers.

Should I buy a king single quilt cover for a single bed?

As a rule of thumb, and especially if you prefer more coverage, you should purchase a size larger than your mattress size as a quilt or doona cover. This will ensure it covers the mattress around the edges as well as giving you more coverage, which is essential during the cooler months so that you aren't left bare during the night unintentionally. With that in mind, for a single bed, purchase a king single quilt cover size, and for a king single bed, consider a double bed quilt cover. Note that the difference is only with the width, not the length.

What are other quilt cover sizes available at Manchester Warehouse?

Aside from King Single quilt cover set, Manchester Warehouse also stocks single, double, queen, king and super king sizes for quilt and doona covers. Whatever bed mattress size you may have, we are bound to have the perfect quilt and doona covers to match! Our diverse variety of styles, from elegant and luxurious to trendy and sophisticated, provide plenty of options when it comes to decorating and adding warmth to your bed.