King Size Quilts

Should I get a king quilt for my king sized bed?

Not necessarily! A king size doona for a king mattress is suitable for low lying beds or box beds, however for a more traditional bed, we recommend a super king size quilt for a king bed. This extra length provides that luxe overhang look. This is also perfect for when you are sharing the bed, as no one enjoys the cold draft of an undersized quilt! Once you've selected your quilt size, dress it up from our extensive range of beautiful doona covers.

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King size quilts and doonas.

At Manchester Warehouse we stock a variety of luxurious king size quilts and doonas in a range of compositions, including bamboo, cotton, duck feather and down, goose feather and down, synthetic and wool.

What size is a king size quilt?

Standard king size doona dimensions in Australia are 245cm wide x 210cm high.

Should I get a king quilt for my queen sized bed?

Yes! A king size doona is the ideal choice for a queen mattress, unless you have a low lying bed or your mattress is just on the floor. A queen size quilt is 210cm x 210cm, so king size quilt dimensions offer an extra 35cm in width (17.5cm on each side). This extra length provides nice overhang, which not only looks great but helps keep you comfortable if you’re sharing the bed with someone else. Nobody likes the cold getting in the gaps whenever someone rolls over! We recommend everyone upsizes their doona, whether that’s a king quilt on a queen bed or a super king doona on a king size bed.

How much bigger is a king size duvet than a double?

Australian king size doona measurements are 245cm x 210cm, while double doonas measure 180cm x 210cm. That means that while the length is the same, the width of a king is bigger by 65cm. Using a king size quilt on your double bed really depends on the height of your mattress. A king size doona could be a good choice for a pillow top and bottom or other deep mattress, however if you’re sleeping alone or on a mattress that is low to the ground, the extra 32.5cm on each side will likely be too long.

Looking for a different size? We have doonas and quilts in a range of other sizes. Already got your doona? Browse our range of king size quilt covers, super king quilt cover, flannelette quilt cover and sage green quilt cover.

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