Winter has so many good things to offer. For every one thing we’ve got to complain about (cold toes in the morning) there is even more to get excited about! For those of you who think there are no plus sides to winter, we think we can prove you wrong. Winter bedding is one of Here are just a few.


Blankets and cosy throws

What’s better on a chilly winter evening than snuggling up on the couch with a hot cocoa and a chunky knit throw to keep you warm? A warm throw rug is winter bedding at its most stylish. You can bring your wool blankets to the living room, or drag them to your reading chair and curl up with a good book. Whether it’s a waffle throw blanket or something from our ultra soft velvet range, you’ll be looking good in one of our blankets or throws this chilly season.

Seed 130x170cm Throw Rug Pebble
Seed 130x170cm Throw Rug Pebble


Mattress toppers

They may not be as glamorous as pretty blankets and quilts, but mattress toppers and underlays are an absolute must have when it comes to bedding essentials in winter. These handy extra layers are the difference between a comfortable night’s rest and counting sheep. With brands like Bambury Commercial, Hilton Deluxe and Puradown Ultimate to choose from, you can upgrade your bed’s comfort factor in no time.


Doonas and quilts

Struggling for motivation to make the bed in the morning? While finding the warmest quilt for winter may make it harder to get up on those cold mornings, it will have you eager to jump into bed asap on chilly nights. Plus, a beautiful bedspread or quilt cover might be just the inspiration you need to make the bed every day. We have the best doona and quilt range for every style so that you can find your perfect match. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom look with a bamboo breathe easy quilt dressed in a new season design, plain white doona covers or kids quilt cover sets so that the rest of your family can look just as fabulous, we have everything you need from cot size to super king size.

Mattress Toppers


Electric Blankets

Now it wouldn’t be a winter essentials list without the electric blankets getting a mention. Are you one of those people who always turns up the heater? Check out our sonar fitted and premium electric blanket range from Bambury for the ultimate bed warmer and say goodbye to those winter blues!


Winter styling

Let’s be honest - one of the things that gets us through the colder months are the is the amazing styling possibilities on offer. As with fashion, bedroom styling in winter is all about layering. Once you know how to make your bed look beautiful and inviting, you will start to enjoy winter more. If you’re a novice stylist, start with a neutral base (AKA your quilt cover) like white quilt covers or grey and build your bed from there. Choose a sheet colour that will blend and then add some artfully placed cushions and a statement throw to complete the look. The best thing about neutral bases is that you can change your feature colour or pattern as styles change without breaking the bank. Say hello to your best winter yet!

Cushions Winter Styling


Private Collection Tyler Quilt Cover Set Range Silver


Complete your cosy winter setup with our collection of cushions that will not only provide comfort but also add an extra layer of style to your home decor.