King Pillowcases

What size is a King pillowcase?

The King size pillowcase dimensions in Australia are 51cm X 92cm. At Manchester Warehouse, you will find a variety of King pillowcases that perfectly envelop your King size sleeping pillows. Check out our high-quality selection of King size pillows to pair with a variety of our King pillowcases.

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King size pillowcases.

Looking for the perfect material for your King size pillowcases? If you’re redecorating your bedroom, remodelling for comfort is just as important as style. Check out our silky smooth King pillowcases made with 100% cotton, or Egyptian cotton, luxuriously woven for your ultimate comfort. At Manchester Warehouse, you will find the best quality in all bedding essentials at the best prices.

What is the difference between standard and king pillowcases?

The standard pillowcase is smaller than a King pillowcase. In Australia, the standard pillow size is 51cm X 66cm. A King pillow size is however, larger at 51cm X 92cm. If you have a King bed, make sure to shop your favourite colours in King size pillowcases to ensure the right fit. The usual King size bed can have up to 4 King size pillows, so be sure to buy at least 4-8 King size pillowcases to support you.

Don’t stop there! If you are thinking about completely remodelling your King size bed, be sure to check out our European pillows, European pillowcases, King size sheets, and King size quilt and doona covers to add all your decorative essentials. At Manchester Warehouse, we have all your bedding needs covered. Check out our complete pillowcases collections.