King Size Mattress Toppers & Underlays

What size is a King Mattress Topper?

When it comes to a king mattress topper size, the standard size is approximately 183cm x 203cm + 50cm. However, depending on the brand, design, and fabric, this may vary slightly, so be sure to select a suitable size based on your specific mattress. Ensure you choose a mattress topper king size that is made to the highest standards of quality to guarantee its durability and lifespan. You're going to be using it every night, after all!

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King mattress toppeers & underlays.

"Top" of your cosy mattress with one of Manchester Warehouse's premium King Mattress Toppers to complete its comfort, support, and protection for consistent and healthy sleep.

How do I know if a mattress topper for me?

Are you experiencing an aching back? Do you often wake up feeling restless due to back pain or discomfort from poor sleep positioning? Do you suffer from allergies? Then a king mattress topper may be perfect for you if you have a king size bed. The design of this bed layer intends to protect you against bacteria growth, fungi, and dust mites while offering excellent back support and the prevention of allergies. Not to mention a premium design will maintain its shape and density so that your mattress doesn't take the pressure instead. Ultimately, it gives you healthy support and extends the life of your mattress!

Can I use a king size mattress topper on a king single bed?

Due to the unique design of a mattress topper, you should always use the appropriate size according to your mattress. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a king mattress topper on a king single bed.