King Single Mattress Toppers & Underlays

What size is a king single mattress topper?

The size of a king single mattress topper may be anywhere from 107cm x 204cm + 10cm to 110cm x 203cm + 50cm. The size will usually depend on the particular brand or design, of which we offer many. All of our product listings feature dimensions for clarity.

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King single size mattress toppers & underlays.

Whether you have allergies, love to feel clean, or want to extend the life of your mattress, our King Single Mattress Toppers are an excellent form of protection.

Should I buy a mattress topper king single for a single bed?

For a single bed, you should purchase a single size mattress topper and a mattress topper king single for a king single bed. The design and purpose of a mattress topper are meant to fit exactly to your bed's dimensions. Too large or too small does not allow it to carry out its main function, which is to protect your mattress from wear and tear, as well as bacteria, fungi, and dust mites that contribute to allergic reactions. Some designs can also help assist with bodily support during sleep, and others have natural temperature regulation!

How to wash your king single mattress toppers?

Each brand may recommend different care requirements for their king single mattress topper design, so you should always follow that. Usually, toppers require a cold, gentle machine wash, rinsed well, and dried in the shade. Regardless of the design, it's recommended not to bleach, iron, or soak your topper. Some brands/manufacturers may allow dry cleaning.

At Manchester Warehouse we also have a wide range of protector from standard to the waterproof.