Queen Size Mattress Toppers & Underlays

What size is the queen Mattress topper?

The standard size of a queen bed mattress topper is 152cm x 203cm + 50cm. If you have a queen bed, this is the size you should aim for, although some designs may vary slightly in size.

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Queen mattress toppers & underlays.

Our range of premium Queen Mattress Toppers will give your bed the cushioning, support, and protection it needs to prolong its lifespan and ensure a long, restful sleep.

What do you use a mattress topper for?

This "topper" is an important part of any bedding set-up. This removable layer is put over the top of the mattress as a form of cushioning and extra support. It can also help you get the most use out of a mattress by protecting it from consistent pressure and wear and tear, such as sweat, sagging, and any accidental spills or grime. There are various designs of mattress toppers available, some specifically for the sleeper's back support and others with a more protective design for your mattress. These may also vary in materials and thickness.

Can I use a queen mattress topper on a double or single bed?

It is not recommended to use a queen size mattress topper on a double or single bed. For the best results, always go for the appropriate size according to your mattress size. Use a queen mattress topper on a queen bed, and so forth. By using a different size, it won't sit firmly or securely on the mattress and may cause frustration for the sleeper. Choosing the appropriate size will guarantee the best performance.