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Double Size Mattress Toppers & Underlays

What size is a double Mattress topper?

Every double mattress topper may vary in size according to the design and materials used. However, the standard size of a double mattress topper is 137cm x 188cm + 50cm. Be sure to choose a size or style that fits your mattress' depth so that it can perform properly.


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Why do I need a mattress topper?

While some may simply use a mattress protector, a mattress topper is recommended for those needing additional back support or cushioning or to safeguard them against allergies. It's also the preferred way to protect your mattress from wear and tear, bacteria growth, dust mites, and continuous pressure that may deform or sag the mattress. Therefore, it can ensure the mattress retains its shape for longer. You can extend the lifespan of your mattress significantly with this essential bedding layer.

Can I use a double mattress topper on a King or queen bed?

A double bed mattress topper won't be effective on a king or queen bed. Since this is a smaller size compared to a king or queen version, it won't cover the entire bed properly, so you'll be left feeling frustrated by the lack of coverage, and your mattress will remain unprotected in certain areas. Always use a mattress topper double on a double bed and the appropriate sizes for other mattresses to avoid this.