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Within the bedding world a mattress topper is the hidden heroes of a good night’s sleep. At Manchester Warehouse we provide a wide range of underlays and bed toppers from leading brands like ArmidayleBambury Commercial, Original Wool and Puradown Ultimate so you can be guaranteed quality. From plush microdown to luxuriously soft feather and down in single to super king sizes, a mattress topper is a great way to improve a budget mattress.

While saving for your dream mattress, there’s no need to forfeit comfort as long as Manchester Warehouse is just a click away. We understand that shopping online can feel a bit risky because you can’t see the product for yourself. If you are shopping from the comfort of your home and are unsure about Australian mattress sizes, use our sizing guide to make sure you are ordering the right one. We also offer a range of styles in our doona covers, such as floral, bohemian or geometric. We offer flat rate shipping $9.95 Australia wide and have a generous 30 day return policy with free return shipping to make your life easier.

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Everybody wants to snuggle down into a cosy, warm, and luxuriously comfortable bed top. Mattress toppers, or underlays, are designed to create this effect.

What is a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers and underlays are the same thing - a layer added to your mattress to provide extra softness and warmth - they are just different ways of referring to it. They are made from soft, cosy materials and make your bed extra comfortable. They may be fitted and go over your mattress like a sheet, or they may have straps at the corners. They go under your fitted sheet. For extra protection you can also check a range of protector here.


Underlays are available in all bed sizes, including:

Fitted underlays are also available in varying depths. A standard fitted mattress topper will fit a standard mattress, but a mega fited underlay may be required to fit a deeper pillow top mattress or pillow top and bottom mattress.

Because a matress topper goes on your mattress, it is an item that should be bought the same size as your mattress, not sized up. 


We have underlays and mattress toppers for sale in a variety of materials, including:


Wool mattress toppers are made from natural fibers that offer superior temperature regulation to keep you comfortable while you sleep. 

The Woolstar Classic Heritage Wool Underlay Range is your entry level product for this category. It has a 350 GSM fill and a 500 GSM fleece and is dry clean only. It is a fitted product with a 40cm wall which will fit most standard and pillow top mattresses.

For a more luxe experience, the Woolstar Ultimate Wool Underlay Range features 400 GSM fill and a 700 GSM fleece top. This means more fill and more weight to the product. Like the Woolstar Classic, it also has a 40cm Japara cotton fitted skirt suitable for most standard and pillow top mattresses. The main difference besides weight is that the Woolstar Ultimate is reversible - it can be used cotton side up in summer to keep you cool and wool side up to provide heat in winter. It is fully machine washable.

Ball fibre polyester

Ball fibre polyester microfibre fill is a synthetic material that offers comfort and warmth.  It is a good choice for people with allergies to feather products. We recommend the Bianca Relax Right 1000 GSM Mattress Topper Range. It features microfibre ball fibre polyester fill with a 300 thread count cotton cover. It is a fitted style with a generous 50cm skirt, good for people with a pillowtop and bottom mattress who require a deeper fit. That means the sizing for each of these is ‘mega’ - mega double, mega queen, mega king and mega super king.This mattress topper comes with a fiveyear warranty on the workmanship.


Feather and down

Goose feather and down mattress toppers are associated with luxury, and are commonly found in five star hotels. If you’re interested in feather and down underlays, consider the Puradown Ultimate Goose 10 Down and 90 Feather Mattress Topper Range. This product features 10% down and 90% feather fill. It has been pre washed and sanitised and comes in a soft cotton Japara cover. It has a gusset box construction, meaning all the feathers are stitched into boxes so they won’t move up or down the bed into clumps or patches. This underlay is truly like sleeping on a cloud. It has corner straps rather than being fully fitted, which means it could fit on pillow top and bottom mattresses, and is dry clean only.



What underlay is best if I have allergies?

If you have allergies, it’s best to avoid feather products. Consider a wool mattress topper for its natural hypoallergenic properties, or a microfibre topper like the Bianca Relax Right 1000GSM Mattress Topper Range which has been treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and dust mites. 

What mattress toppers are best for commercial use?

Commercial mattress toppers need to be durable and budget-friendly. The Bambury Commercial Chateau Micro Down 250 GSM Mattress Topper Range is an ideal product for hotels, motels, and Airbnbs. It features a microfibre polyester fill with a cotton cover, and is 250 GSM. It is fully fitted and machine washable, which is great for the commercial setting. Its 35cm skirt means it is suitable for most standard mattresses, but is not the right choice for a deeper pillow top mattress. 

What underlay is best if I’m a hot sleeper?

If you tend to get hot at night, avoid polyester underlays as your bed topper and opt for natural products like feather and wool. These offer superior breathability and temperature regulation to keep you comfortable all night long, all year round. 

What mattress topper should I choose if I want to create warmth?

If you are always cold, consider choosing a polyester mattress topper. Polyester tends to trap heat, keeping you toasty throughout the night. 

What if I have an old mattress?

If your current mattress is old or too hard or firm for you, a new underlay could be the perfect solution for you. Upgrading your mattress can be a big expense, while a mattress topper can keep you comfortable for a fraction of the price. For extra comfort, we recommend a feather or microfibre topper, depending if you have allergies or not, and ideally one that is 1000GSM.

How often should I wash my mattress topper?

Wash your mattress topper once every one to two months. This will ensure that you are always using a fresh and clean matress topper. This will also prevent you from getting too dirty while sleeping, which may lead to sleeping disorders. Cleaning your mattress topper will not only improve the health of your skin but will also reduce the chances of skin allergies.

What underlay is best for kids?

Any of our underlays are appropriate for kids, and most of our products are available insingle bed and king single bed sizes. Some people choose to avoid feather and down underlays in case of any allergies, but the choice between natural and synthetic options will depend on your family’s unique needs and preferences. 

At Manchester Warehouse we ship the best mattress toppers Australia, Linenhouse products and mattress protector wide, all for the low flat rate of $9.95. That means whether you’re looking for a mattress topper in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or a small town way off the beaten track, you won’t get any surprises at the checkout.