Wool Mattress Toppers & Underlays

Are wool mattress toppers good?

Wool is breathable and can help regulate the air circulation during your sleep, making it an ideal wool mattress topper for those who sweat. It can help wick the moisture away from your skin, therefore giving it a unique climate control ability not found in other types of mattress toppers. These are particularly ideal for certain mattresses like memory foam and others that "trap" heat inside. This topper design sits on top of your mattress, extending its life by significantly reducing your weight's pressure.

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Premium wool mattress toppers & underlays.

Plush and cosy, our Wool Mattress Toppers are a luxurious and clever addition to your mattress with their temperature regulating and comfortable design.

Do wool mattress toppers make you hot?

Widely believed to be best for winter, a Wool Mattress Topper is, in fact, suitable all year round due to its insulating design. Both hot and cold sleepers, and all seasons, can benefit from them during sleep. They are incredibly soft - much more so than cotton - and may even assist with certain ailments like joint pain. Browse our full range of mattress toppers for more option.

How do you wash woollen mattress toppers?

Depending on the specific design of your woollen mattress topper, you may only be able to dry clean it. However, the usual care guidelines for this topper are a warm, gentle machine wash with similar colours, a normal spin, line drying, and no bleaching, soaking, ironing, or dry cleaning. Furthermore, to preserve the quality and freshness of the wool mattress topper, we recommend airing it out regularly.

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