Regardless of the quilt cover or cushion colour, at the end of the day a good pillow is the difference between blissful slumber and a night of tossing and turning. Manchester Warehouse provide a wide range of premium pillows that offer both superior comfort and support. With choices of feather and down, memory foam pillows, latex pillows, bamboo pillows and more, there is a pillow for everybody. We offer a range of sizes from small kids pillows to a large European pillows, including standard pillows, king size pillows, V shape and body pillows.

Whether it’s Hilton Hotel Collection, Herington or Tontine pillows, among other top brands, the best pillows are the ones that match your sleeping style. Choose a high profile for a side sleeper and a medium profile for a back sleeper. Save those low profile pillows for children and stomach sleepers. You can also opt for contour or commercial pillows. A memory foam pillow can function as a multipurpose pillow if you move around when you sleep.

Our comfortable pillows are also the first step to decorating your bed, and can be covered with a neutral or contrasting pillowcase to complement your style. When thinking about decorating, consider our most loved styles: floral, geometric and bohemian. The best pillow is the one that suits your needs, so don’t rush shopping for pillows online and take the time to find your perfect fit.

Shop our range of quilts, doonasbed sheets and blankets that will ensure you and your family are rewarded with a comfortable night’s sleep.

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How to select the best pillows for you.

Choosing the best pillows Australia can make a huge difference to your life, improving your sleep and preventing a range of health issues like headaches, back pain and fatigue. A pillow should support your body and keep your posture aligned while you sleep. But how do you know which are the best pillows to buy, and whether they will be the right fit for you? 

There are three main things to consider when you buy pillows:

  • Profile or height
  • Size
  • Construction or materials


The profile or height of a pillow refers to how thick and firm it is - its density - or how much filling is in the pillow. This translates to how much support the pillow offers. 

A pillow should sit in the crevice between your head and shoulder, without raising or lowering your head. Your sleeping posture should be the same as your correct standing posture, with your spine and head aligned. But that doesn’t mean you have to sleep on your back! You simply need to choose the right height pillow for the way you sleep. Your frame can also make a difference to what pillow height will be most comfortable, as more support may be required for a larger build.

How do you prefer to sleep?

Back sleeper - A medium pillow is ideal for people who sleep on their back. Medium pillows are also best for people with a medium frame. 

Side sleeper - The best pillow for sleeping on your side is normally a firm pillow with a high profile, which offers enough support to keep the head, neck and shoulders in natural alignment. A firm pillow does not refer to a pillow that is hard or uncomfortable, simply a pillow with a denser filling. Firm pillows are also best for people with a larger frame. 

Stomach sleeper - The best type of pillow for stomach sleepers is typically a soft pillow, as it offers a low profile and gentle support. Soft pillows are also ideal for smaller framed people, including children.

All rounder - If you can never settle on just one sleeping position through the night, a soft pillow will probably be the best choice for comfort in every position. It might also be a good idea to have multiple pillows so you can add more for extra support in some positions and remove them when not required.

These are not hard and fast rules that you have to follow - if you are a back sleeper who loves a firm pillow, that’s fine! This is simply a guide to what most people find to be comfortable.


There are a range of pillow sizes to choose from, each serving a different purpose.

The most common pillow sizes include:

  • Standard pillows - These are typically 48cm x 73cm
  • Queen size pillows - Slightly larger than a standard pillow, these are 54cm x 80cm
  • King size pillows - King size pillows are common as luxury hotel pillows, and measure 44cm x 86cm. These are popular for king sized beds.
  • European pillows - These are the large square pillows that sit against your headboard, behind your other pillows. They typically measure 65cm x 65cm.
  • V-shaped pillows - You might know V-shaped pillows as boomerang pillows or U-shaped pillows. 
  • Body pillows - There are a range of different styles of full body pillows, but the most common are long straight pillows measuring 40cm x 150cm. 

Most people will have a range of different types of pillows on their bed. A popular set-up is two European pillows at the back, followed by two standard pillows in your sheet set pillowcases and then two standard pillows in your quilt cover pillow cases. The pillowcases that come with sheet sets and quilt cover sets are designed to fit standard pillows, as they are the most common pillow size in Australia. We also have a kids pillows range for your lovely children.


We have pillows online in a range of materials. The most popular fills include:

The outside fabric of the pillow is most commonly cotton or polyester.

Pillows with different constructions offer a range of different benefits. For example, down and feather pillows are known for being luxurious and comfortable, and are a popular choice for turning your bed into a sanctuary. Latex pillows offer great shape retention, and are extremely supportive. Memory foam pillows are soft but firm, and are a great choice for side sleepers. The best composition for you will depend on your unique needs and preferences.


Some of the most popular pillow brands we stock are:


What pillow is best for me if I have allergies?

The best pillow for you will depend what allergies you have. If you are allergic to latex, you probably shouldn’t choose a latex pillow! For general allergies and asthma, a latex pillow is actually a great choice, along with wool and cotton options, as the natural fibres are hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites. Some people find down and feather pillows aggravate their allergies. 

I’m a hot sleeper. Is there a pillow that can help?

Natural fibres like cotton and feather and down are ideal for temperature regulation, so we recommend these options if you’re a hot sleeper! Steer clear of memory foam and polyester pillows if you run hot, as they can trap heat. 

What pillows are best for commercial purposes?

We recommend the Bambury Commercial range of pillows for commercial use. Businesses typically are looking for cheap pillows that will last, and these pillows are durable and cost-effective but also extremely comfortable and luxurious.

At Manchester Warehouse we ship the best pillows Australia wide for just $9.95 per order, so whether you’re looking for pillows in Sydney or pillows in Adelaide, you’ll pay the one low price. Not only do we have pillows for sale, but we stock all the accessories you need, including pillow protectors and pillow cases, to help you get the most from your new pillows.

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