Super King Coverlets

What size is a super king coverlet?

The size of a super king coverlet by Australian standards is 265cm x 285cm but may vary slightly according to the style and material used.

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Coverlets for super king beds.

When you need an extra form of mild covering over your super king bed or a touch of decoration, our Super King Coverlets are an easy choice, with many available styles to suit your decor.

What is a bed coverlet?

A coverlet for a bed is a type of lightweight bed covering that hangs off the sides of the bed, a few inches past the box spring. This can be either tucked or un-tucked - most will leave it un-tucked if the trim has a special decoration that they want visible. Coverlets are generally layered over a sheet or blanket or alternatively made into the bed between the sheet and duvet. When not necessarily needed, you can fold it at the end of the bed to act merely as decoration or for extra warmth when required.

Can I use a super king coverlet on a king bed?

While you can use a super king coverlet on a king bed, it isn't usually recommended because coverlets will hang off the sides, nearly touching the ground. If you use one on a smaller bed than what its size is intended for, the coverlet may touch the ground in a non-elegant fashion. However, this is sometimes a style that many prefer, so you might benefit from a larger coverlet.

What is the difference between a coverlet and quilt or bedspread?

The two are very similar with only slight differences. While a quilt is typically a two or three-layered covering and heavier, a coverlet is lighter and used more as a layer. A bedspread is larger than a coverlet. Simply put, the coverlet is designed to be a more decorative layering or as an extra thin layer between any of these other coverings.

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