Super King Quilts

What size is a super king quilt?

With a super king size quilt, the standard size is 270cm x 240cm though you may often find some that are 270cm x 210cm, depending on the brand and particular design. The super king quilt size you get may also depend on your exact super king mattress size or your preference for style. We also stock a wide range of other Super King bedding items.

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Selecting a super king quilt or doona for my bed.

Our Super King Quilt and Super King Doona range includes renowned brands like Sonar, Jason Commercial, Woolstar Eco, Indulgence, and Armidayle that offer the most premium and high-quality super king size doona and super king size quilt.

Do you need a super king doona for a king bed?

If you would like some extra room to work with when sleeping or styling your bed, we do recommend purchasing a super king doona for your king bed. This will have extra overhang and is perfect for those who sleep with a partner so that the both of you can have plenty of warmth and coverage.

What is the difference between King and Super King quilt?

A King quilt is usually 245cm x 210cm in size. A Super King quilt, on the other hand, is designed for a Super King size bed, which measures 270cm x 240cm. This quilt size is typically larger than a standard King quilt and is intended to fit comfortably over the mattress and drape down the sides of the bed with more overhang.  Super king quilts can also be used on king size beds for a more luxurious feeling, and its oversized nature will mean more quilt to share between bed partners.

What type of super king quilt should I get?

We stock a variety of super king quilt sets - you may want to consider the climate where you live when choosing one, as there are super king quilt wool, duck feather and down, goose down, and many other designs to browse. A thermal balancing quilt like the one from SONAR is particularly unique with its ability to control the temperature overnight as you sleep. If you have any allergies, temperature preferences, ideal weight, and other considerations, these will certainly factor into which type of super king quilt you get. Browse our full collection of quilt or doona for more options.

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